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Thor Ragnarok

Originally published 7th December 2017

**Cripes I thought I had posted this but clearly not. What a muppet I am. Late review for you!**

Where to start? Well this film is awesome! The first Thor was good, the second Thor was OK (except the scene with him on the tube – it wasn’t even the right line to get to Greenwich!) so this film is definitely the best Thor film so far. But I would also say one of the best in the franchise – so of the recent films in the franchise have been very dark and moody such as Avengers: Age of Ultron; Iron Man 3; Captain America Civil War. This film managed to balance some pretty dark and brutal elements with the lightness and humour of Guardians of the Galaxy and SpiderMan: Homecoming. Plus they added some awesome music, so more than a little influence from James Gunn methinks.

The film is almost solely based in space with only very brief sections on Earth and no dull Jane Foster (sorry Natalie Portman but she was). The majority is based on Asgard and other locations as you have probably grasped from the trailers. You will also have seen that Loki and Hulk are back from the trailers and they are battling Cate Blanchette as an evil Godess of Death. I do not want to spoil too much but key points:

Jeff Goldblum chewing the scenery and seemingly related to the Collector. Great Fun.

New Thor hair! Some excellent character development for Thor and some lovely scenes with Odin. I loved loved Thor fighting at the end.

HULK and Banner – so happy to see them again. I adore Mark Ruffalo in all things but actually cool to see Thor get some character development rather than just SMASH. (Although Smashing also cool).

Loki – OK we all know Tom Hiddleston is my dream man (after Agent Mulder circa 1996) but I adore how he plays Loki. Getting a bit fustrated with his flip flopping – he’s evil, no he’s nice, no he’s evil. Every bloody film – but some interesting choices and some hints to Infinity War I think.

Cate Blanchette being insanely evil and clearly loving every second of it (and looking smoking hot in lots of latex). Plus the awesome Tessa Thompson playing a new character who gets to fight alongside Thor. So happy to have some kick ass female characters with powers to rival those of Thor.

Loved seeing some of the other peripheral characters from the Thor Universe including the Warriors 3, Heimdall (Idris Elba is a legend) and a new character embodied by Dredd/Bones/Eomer himself the fabulous Karl Urban. And the hilarious Korg voiced by Taika Waititi the director himself.

All in all this was so much fun, I came out smiling ear from ear. For non-Marvel nerds (if you read this, but why would you) you might get confused with some of the lore but it’s a similar vibe to Guardians.

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