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Summer catch up – Wonder Woman; SpiderMan – Homecoming; Baby Driver

Originally posted 9th August 2017

Having been busy buying a house I am super behind with my little blog. But thought I would do a little catch up review for cracking back on with it with the films I have seen this summer.

*Wonder Woman*

So I saw this in the sexy screen 15 at Kingston, reclining chairs seem to add to the enjoyment of films. I was cautiously excited about the first full female superhero film and I was not disappointed. The Wonder Woman music theme were were introduced to in Dawn of Justice was there. Gal Gadot was strong and nuanced, there were good comedy moments and the action we say did not destroy any cities, which was a nice change. I loved seeing Robin Wright training Diana (hello Buttercup!) and it was great to see the role reversal with women saving the men (damsel in distress to dude in distress?). My CGB was concerned it might be ‘feminism being shoved down your throat’ but was pleasantly surprised how balanced it was. But I don’t think he noticed the same way we women did how rare it is to have a film like this, and the various role reversals we saw. My only criticism of the film was the love story. Granted its a comic book movie, there is always a love interest, and it was subtle rather than explicit. But I felt her love for Steve being her reason she saved the human race could have been even more impactful if it wasn’t a romantic love, but a love and respect for his as a peer and colleague. His sacrifice was great, and it was a nice closure for him and made him a hero in his own right – but why couldn’t that on its own be the reason she felt humans were worth saving? Why did they have had to sleep together for her to realise that. But it’s worth saying I loved all other aspects of it, I am not complaining – just felt that would have elevated to storyline a little more.

*Spiderman – Homecoming*

Finally! Finally they funny, cheeky, silly Spiderman I grew up with loving in cartoons. Not the emo sulky Spiderman who is a 20 something playing a teenager. (Granted Tom Holland has just turned 20). I bloody loved this film. It was funny, clever, the action was there but not OTT, the villain was believable and the links to the MCU were there without digging deep into the mythology / infinity war stuff. Very much based at home – a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, as he should be. It actually felt closer to some of Netflix series (but waaaay less dark) that the big boombastic MCU films of the past few years. It was nice to see a villain from earth, not intend on destruction but just wanting some money for his family. Michael Keaton was great as you could understand how he ended up where he was, and almost felt sorry for him. My opinion is that the best villain is a nuanced villain (just like Wilson Fisk in DD). I dont want to give to much away but I loved seeing lots of Happy, mostly because I find John Favreau hilarious. My CGB, who is not an Marvel person, really really enjoyed this. He generally leans towards the more comedy based ones (like Guardians) and doesn’t quite follow the more in depth mythology ones (like Dr Strange). So if you have someone who isnt into comic book movies – get them to see this. Sorry Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, but Tom Holland is the best Spiderman!

*Baby Driver*

Upfront, I love Edgar Wright. Spaced, Cornetto, Scott Pilgrim. Love him. So I was very very excited about this but tried to keep away from anything about it. I wanted to go in blind. A friend then went to see if before me and confirmed it was amazing and I would love the sound track. So CGB and I went. I *love* *love* *loved* it. I think it will be in my top 5 of 2017, maybe even top 2 (I am saving the number 1 spot for Episode 8, I hope). The soundtrack is the main star, it is incredible. Ansel Elgort is sweet, yet arrogant as Baby, a young man driving from various illegal heists, stuck in circumstances out of his control. I enjoyed seeing John Hamm play a role he was clearly enjoying, Jamie Foxx was chewing the scenery something rotten and Lily James was adorable as Debora. I came out skipping, and went home and immediately purchased the soundtrack. CGB was less sure, due to the fact that nearly everyone was a bad guy, but I enjoyed the moral ambiguity. That Baby is a criminal – partly due to circumstances out of his control but he does have an element of choice. Honestly the best film I have seen so far in 2017. Go in like I did, not knowing much, and you will love it. Although don’t be put off by the name of the film – my sister thought it sounded stupid. How wrong she is.

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