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Story of the Thieving Roommate Part 4 – The Arrest

Originally posted 13th February 2018

So for those of you that read my first 3 posts about this saga you will know the last I heard from ‘Maggie’ was when she got some removal men to collect her stuff back in June.

Since June I got a lovely phone call from her friends that I had become friendly with, and not heard from since it all happened. They called to tell me they were no longer in touch with her, had tried to get her to hand herself in and wanted to let me know they were sorry and held nothing against me. Which was lovely and felt like some form of closure.

I occasionally kept tabs on her to see if she had been arrested but she continued to live her life and post on Twitter and Instagram, casually using emojis or strategically placed coffee cups to hide the logos of her workplace on photos. The police continued to look for her but had no address or work address. I have to admit this made me angry – she’s carrying on as if nothing happened, making new friends (who I want to warn!). I kept wondering when karma would catch up with her, and so angry she looks like she’s having fun after what she put me through.

In October I got a call from my DC to update me that they had located where she was currently working and were going to arrest her the next day. They had asked her work place not to tell her. I was invited in to give a more in depth statement of what had happened, and I can also add a comment that is read on my behalf. So I dictated something about how betrayed and hurt I was, how I thought she was my friends and was now less trusting. I was told I would get updated when she was arrested. They had managed to find her as a place where she had been working had also filed a complaint against her – for falsifying her qualifications and using someone elses registration number and also that they had noticed things going missing. (This does not surprise me as she was always bringing stuff home from work for my dogs or cleaning products for the lounge).

Turns out she was ‘off sick’ when they went to arrest her (or more likely warned by a colleague). When they asked her current employer for an address and it turned out she was still giving my old address as hers. Somewhere she has not been since April, and I have not lived since July. I later found out the police went to my old place to try and track her down, and met the new tenants. Who are incidentally police and found the whole thing quite mad.

In November they finally got hold of her new address and were able to arrest her. Hurrah. And when she was arrested she was found with another credit card on her in someone else’s name, so potentially a third fraud case. Anyway she tried to say it was an accident and that she had paid me back and apologies (neither of which happened) so I had to go back in and do a further statement to refute her statements, because she is a pathological liar.

Anyway they filed the paperwork and I was told her court date would be 14th December for her first appearance. If she plead guilty it would all be over, if she plead not guilty I might be required to attend court in the future to give evidence against her. And I took bets on Facebook as to whether she showed up……and heard nothing until emailing my DC today to find out.

I can finally reveal that she plead guilty of fraud by false representation for using my bank card. She was discharged conditionally for 12 months and a collection order made. Interestingly she claims to be self employed so they have not set up an attachment of earnings order, despite that she still posts on social media about being a vet nurse…..more lies. And yet more of my time wasted.

I am waiting to see if the police can give me her address so I can take her to small claims court for rent for the two months I stored her crap, the back rent she owed me and the cost for fixing the gate that her f**k boys damaged but we shall see what happens there.

So its finally over, for me at least. I can’t help but wonder if she will do this to more people she cons into being her friend and I wish I could warn them about the stress they are welcoming into their life. She still posts all over social media about events she goes to and photos with her new friends, so part of me feels like she hasn’t really had her comeuppance for everything she has put me through. But I dont think this is the first time she has done this and I doubt it will be the last.

Looking back all started roughly this time last year, with me getting sick around Valentines day and going into hospital a week later, and my credit card going missing early March, me throwing her out early April. Only a year ago but it feels like it has dragged on forever. The long term stress really did take its toll on me – my vitiligo has spread significantly and generally I worry about making new friends and trusting people.

But as I have said before the support of my friends and family throughout has been amazing and I am incredibly lucky. I also know that many of my mates would like to take a baseball bat to her if they could, and knowing that makes me feel better. If I have learned anything is that meeting the occasional total asshole of a human being, makes you appreciate all the lovely non-assholes in your life.

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