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Star Trek Discovery – Episodes 1 & 2

Originally published 26th September 2017

So not been blogging for a while due to home owner crap but why not use this as an excuse to come back.

New STAR TREK! I have been so so so excited. Mostly because I rewatch Trek all the bloody time so a new show is just incredible. This review will be split into two parts – spoiler free for those that have not watched it, and spoiler full later on for me to nerd out with those of you that have watched it.

This series is based 10 years before the USS Enterprise and good old Captain Kirk, so we know it is early in the timeline. To add this series is currently based in what is known as the ‘prime’ timeline rather than the ‘Kelvin timeline’ established in the new JJ Abrahams films. For non trekkie types this limits the species we are going to see as there are species we don’t encounter until later in the timeline.

We join first officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) serving on the Starship Shenzou under Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). They are on the edge of federation space and find an artifact. So Michael wants to go and take a look, and well shit starts happening. I will say no more.

What we do learn is that Michael was raised as a Vulcan as the ward of Sarek (James Frain) – Sarek is good old Spock’s dad! So it’s entirely plausable that Michael see’s Spock as a brother. (Mind blown). So her performance is really interesting as she is very logical, but then we see her at times fighting with her own emotions. Looking forward to seeing more of her.

Following a second in command as the lead is a new approach for trek and that the ‘Number 2’ is also a female character makes it a completely new approach. But having a a female captain *and* first officer – my inner little girl is having a field day. The thing I have always loved about Star Trek is that the future is so hopeful and gender / colour / species are often irrelevant to the roles within the crew.

The show itself is very glossy and shiny, at times a bit too bright for my own liking but less lense flare than the recent Trek films. I am aware some people have disliked how clean and new it looks because it is supposed to be before the original series, however they are forgetting that in the 60s the set design of that show would have been state of the art! I did feel that it looked more like the films of the ‘Kelvin’ timeline rather than the the prime
I wasn’t overly keen on some of the prosthetics but I did like the science officer Saru, a race called Kelpien. I thought they kind of reminded me of the ‘prawns’ from District 9. Not sure why, maybe the lack of nose.

Anyway I very much enjoyed it – the first two episodes felts a lot like a prologue to the series rather than a main part of it.


Do not read on if you have not watched the show. Go onto Netflix. Watch it now. You have been warned.
So first thing! Where is the bloody Starship Discovery? And where is good old Jason Isaacs?! I was super excited about him being a captain. When I realised that they were not even on the Discovery I pretty much predicted Captain Georgiou being killed at some point. Bit of a shame to loose Michelle Yeoh as she is such a good actor but it is clearly designed to be a character fuelling event for Michael. What was also interested was Michael’s history with the Klingon’s and then being raised by humans …..quite similar to Worf’s history with the Romulans and being raised by humans.

Klingons – what was going on with the weird prosthetics. They couldn’t actually talk. They sounded like their mouths were full, and the seemed to be dribbling. Ugh. So annoying. Bring back Worf type Klingons I say. I thought the back story was interesting with the lead T’Kuvma bringing the houses together under Kahless. And that we are finally going to see the Klingon War that has been the back drop of nearly every season since!

And what is it about all Star Trek admirals being knobby! It seems to be in the job description for them to be an arse that talks down to people and always makes the wrong decision.

I do think that Trek die hards are probably going to hate this, and I have already seen things online about it being ‘feminazi propaganda’ – total bollock by the way! But I really enjoyed it – I am intrigued and I want to see me. Including the actual ship the show is named after.

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