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Justice League

Originally published 7th December 2017

**Again another review I thought I posted at the time. I saw this the weekend it came out. Not doing well here am I!**

Ok so obviously dubious about this after Dawn of Justice, which was not great (although I thought more of it than others) but Wonder Woman was awesome. So I was cautiously optimistic.

Honestly, it was OK. It was better than Dawn of Justice, there were fun aspects and great parts but also *awful* CGI, weird cuts and jumping around. Like someone glued parts of two films together to try and create one. But overall it was not terrible – I wasnt wanting to get out of my seat and leave (except to shout at the dude across the aisle who did a BLOODY VIDEO PHONE CALL ON SPEAKERPHONE IN THE FILM! WTF!!!)

The storyline was a bit odd – a bit mythology based and almost felt like the boxes that were key to the story were meant to mirror the Marvel infinity stones but without lots of ground work to build them into the mythology. And I personally thought there were too many new characters attempting to be shoe horned in.

However I could see the hand of Joss Whedon in his attempts to save the film. Some of the comedy lines definitely felt like him and I suspect he probably did make it better than it was. But unsure.

So without spoliers as much as possible here goes:

Batman / Bruce Wayne – now I know I am bucking the trend but I quite like Batfleck. I actually think he is a better Bruce Wayne than Christian Bale (I know! Whats did I just say) but Bale was a better Batman. I like how they showed him breaking down / injured as an older Batman. I can see them maybe keeping him on a Bruce Wayne and passing the suit on to someone else (Dick Grayson where are you).

Wonder Woman – good but kind of underused I think. Still beautiful and a great character but I felt she was a little bit lost in the group in this film. Instead of where she OWNED the scenes in Justice League.

Aquaman – So we all know Jason Momoa is super hot and have seen all the lovely stills of him topless. But not really sure about the character – again tryng making us care about him / his background without the ground work so I mostly I didnt feel any peril or worry about him. He did have some good lines, and I can see the potential in the character but also he made these crazy ‘wahooo’ noises like bloody Maui from Moana. Just a little odd and disjointed as a character.

The Flash – The best part of the movie. I think Ezra Miller is awesome anyway (best thing in Fantastic Beasts, just incredible range) and he was great in this film. Hilarious, vulnerable, social awkward but desperately lonely and wanting friends. Every single scene he was in he stole and I cannot wait to see more. Also he could slice cheese on those cheekbones!

Cyborg – Mostly kinda boring. I wanted to be interested and they make Wonder Woman really care about him and try to nuture him but honestly he could have not been there and I wouldnt have noticed apart from a very end scene.

Superman – So I dont want to give spoliers but we all knew he was coming back from the promotional materials I wont say much more so as not to spoil the storyline but the CGI of the top lip to remove his mustache was WEIRD!

Steppenwolf – terrible. OH SO TERRIBLE. What was happening with the CGI. It was horrendous. I had no idea he was played by Ciaran Hinds until Googling. Why didnt they keep his face – he’s awesome. Totally wasted a great actor.

Overall – see it if only for the Flash, Wonderwoman and Aquaman’s pecs. But you could easily wait for it to be on Netflix unless you are a big old DC nerd like me.

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