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Gilmore Girls Revival

Originally posted 11th December 2016

So as you know I only discovered the Gilmore Girls this year but quickly became a devoted convert.

So I was very excited about the revival to see what had happened in the past 9 years with our favourite ladies. I went in knowing some aspects from the trailers and also from articles I had read.

The below will contain spoliers so do not read this unless you have watched the revival, or if you don’t really care about spoliers (you heathen you).

**Lorelai (& Luke)**

So we all know I shipped Lorelai and Luke so hard, they might be one of my favourite TV couples. When we meet them again they are still together, living in Lorelea’s extended house with Paul Anka the dog still around. They are both still working in their respective jobs. Nothing has really changed for either of them.
Lorelai is still clearly reeling from the loss of her father (so sad without Richard) and seem’s to have itchy feet with her life in general. She is still fighting with her mother and missing Rory who is off travelling.
We don’t see much movement with Lorelai’s story until the last 2 episodes of the revival. She decides to go on a self discovery walking trip (based on the book Wild) – Luke’s face when she tells him this nearly killed me.
Both scenes that made me cry were fuelled by Lorelai’s storyline. The first scene is when Lorelei has been unable to go on her walk but finds a very pretty vista, and rings her mother to tell her a memory of Richard. The emotion of this scene. I was in tears.
The Lorelai returns home to Luke, who is convinced she has come back to end things with him. He gives the most impassioned speech about why they belong together and why she shouldn’t leave him. And then she confirms that she actually came back because she realised she wants to get married and has set a date for them already. This scene also had me blubbing like a baby. I want someone who loves me the way Luke loves Lorelai. Their wedding at the end was just perfect. Such lovely payoff for all of us emotionally invested in their journey.
She also finds a property to extend the Firefly and create an annex, which also shows her career growing. This made me happy as I always enjoyed how Lorelai’s ambitions and career were a key part of the show; and that Luke was never intimidated by Lorelai being a successful career woman. This gives me hope for my own love life that men wont be intimated by my career and my ambition. I adore Lorelai & Luke.


We meet Rory currently working as a freelance journalist dining on her fame from one article. She has ditched her apartment in New York and is stashing her belonging in various places. She has a boyfriend called Paul who she keeps forgetting about (?) and is also having an affair with Logan who is engaged. She almost write a book based on a drunk British socialite, she almost gets a writing position for a famous magazine, almost gets a job on a start up website, briefly ends up editing the Stars Hollow Gazette and upsets everyone changing it.
She spends an awful lot of time complaining about how poor and not having any underwear; yet she is yet somehow able to afford back and forth to the UK? She has a one night stand with someone and berates herself, but mostly focusing on the fact said person was dressed as a Wookie (offensive to us Star Wars fans.
I basically spent a lot of the show thinking Rory was a dick. Now I know if I had watched it when the show was on orginally I would have been the same age as Rory and associated with her a lot more. But in this revival Rory and I are the same age, yet I still found her immature and irritating. She has been so coddled all of her life she thinks the world owes her something, and is so used to getting her own way she came across as arrogant and insensitive. She disregards Lorelei’s feelings about writing the book, although resolved at the end, and seems to have no qualms with regularly sleeping with Logan despite his engagement.
I hope the ending with Rory being pregnant is an iniducation that her going through what her mother did will help her to mature. The baby is clearly Logan’s otherwise why would they having them get back together for the weird steam punk sequence with the life or death brigade.


Emily’s story might be my favourite of the whole revival in terms of her progression and her ending. We see Emily learning to deal with the loss of Richard and discovering who she is without him. She has spent all of her life being his wife, with no career of her own; and now feels she has no purpose.
What I loved was seeing her progress through the different stages of grief – anger with Lorelai, the reviewing of her own life and then the changes she makes. I loved the scene with the DAR when she calls them on her bullshit getting herself dismissed. And then the ending with her in her new home in Nantucket, volunteering at the whaling museum and looking so content.
Of all the characters we really see Emily progress and grow. Just lovely. But I really missed Richard.
**All the others**

So we got a lot of cameos and little guest features -a quick review.

*Paris* – she was amazing. I loved what they did with her character. Apparently she is now a lesbian icon and there are calls for a show based on her realised she is gay after divorcing Doyle. I really enjoyed any scene she appeared in.

*Lane* – Felt very shoehorned into the show. Nothing really changed, just there to be someone for Rory to talk to.
*Jess* – gosh has he bulked out. Those arms (swoon). But just appeared to be a sounding board for Rory, and give her the idea for the book, and also to sympathise / chat to Luke.
*Dean* – Blink and you miss him, barely there.
*Logan* – Still my favourite of Rory’s fellas. Still as charming as ever but doing the dirty on his fiance with Rory as his bit on the side
*Kirk* – So weird but still there. He clearly finds his calling as a wedding designer at the end. Still amazes me this guy also motion captured as Rocket – James Gunns brother!!
*Sookie* – Again blink and you miss her. Lots of talking about her abandoning them during the show, then when she appears it seems to be everything is fine. But fun to see her back.
*Michele* – Is gay! Finally. We all knew it but it was never explicit within the show. He’s happily married and considering kids. Yay.
**Final Thoughts**

I enjoyed it. It was not as good as I wanted it to be, I felt quite disappointed to begin with but the final episode of Fall was the pay off we all needed. I loved Emily and Lorelai’s endings. I just hope the ending they gave Rory is an acknowledgement of how immature her character is and an indication she is going to grow in the future.

*Luke & Lorelai forever!!*

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