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Gilmore Girls – 10 years late to the party

Originally posted 14th September 2016

I never watched Gilmore Girls when it was on TV. I have vague memories of maybe seeing snippets on channel 4 but never felt compelled to see it.

However the internet got very excited about the revival this year, and I found that more and more people highly regarded it as a show. Especially my personal fav on the Empire Movie Podcast Helen O’Hara (who often has opinions so similar to mine it terrifies me), so with this high recommendation I decided to watch it when it appeared on Netflix.

WOW, I binge the crap out of it. I just loved this show. The writing is so clever and heartfelt. I found myself wishing I knew these characters in real life and wishing Lorelai was my best friend. The witty banter just awed me and some of the cult references I almost missed they came at such speed (I am certain I will be buying the box set and adding this to my Buffy / Veronica Mars / Firefly levels of rewatching).

I got annoyed with Emily and Richard as often as Lorelai did, but also adored them at the same time. (I bicker just as badly with my own mother). Melissa McCarthy as Suki was so funny, it was lovely to see her playing a more subtle character than what she is often cast as these days. And Luke, anyone that doesn’t ship Luke and Lorelai big time has no soul. I found myself wishing for my own Luke, he just gets Lorelai despite how different they are, he accepts her for who she is and is there by her side when she needs him. I found myself grinning like a Cheshire cat whenever they had a cute little look, or at their banter in the diner.

I didn’t realise quite how the show had gotten under my skin until an episode in season 4 when Lorelai is struggling with set up for the new diner and bursts into tears saying she can’t cope, and Luke comforts her. Completely out of the blue I started sobbing – it really pushed a button in me and I just lost it! Something about the writing and the acting of the scene just hit home.

What I found really interesting is that I clearly connected with Lorelai when I started watching as I am a similar age (and equally fuelled by coffee). But had I watched it when it started in 2000 I would have been 16/17 years old and no doubt have indentified with Rory. I now feel like I missed out on a show that younger me would have adored. And had crushes on all the boys. (Agent Mulder dominated my bedroom walls at that age!).

So very late to the party I am now a big Gilmore Girls fan, and would recommend everyone see’s it now. And can anyone solve the mystery of how they eat so much junk food & take-out and stay so thin. If so please can you sell me your secrets!

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